Single Malt Whiskey

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Single Malt Whiskey


Crafted from a single Scottish malt our brand new Single Malt Whiskey undergoes a two-year maturation process in new American oak barrels. Distilled to an ABV of 45% this whiskey reveals intricate aromas while maintaining a smooth profile with subtle smoke.  

To achieve a sweet nutty and floral tone reminiscent of Scotch Whiskey our whiskey is peated. However U.S. distillers are prohibited from labeling this style as “Scotch” due to its protected classification in Scotland. Therefore we affectionately refer to it as “Single Malt Whiskey.”

Distiller's Notes

Distilled from a single Scottish malt, this Single Malt Whiskey is smooth, sweet, nutty, and complex. Proofed at 45% ABV, it possesses intricate aromas, remaining smooth and sophisticated, with rich flavor and subtle smoke on the nose. After mashing, the malted barley undergoes a 1-2 week fermentation process. After fermentation, the mash is then distilled through our two stage process of stripping and finishing runs through our copper column still. Once distillation is complete, it is aged for 2 years on new American oak barrels, imparting caramel, oak, and toasted sugar undertones.


90 Proof | 45% ABV | 750 ml


*Malt n Oats, Single Malt, Bourbon, and Straight Bourbonare currently limited to a maximum purchase of 3 bottles per transaction in accordance to TTB/ABC requirements. Spirits can only be shipped within California at this time.

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Spirit Attributes

Bottle size
750 ml
Alcohol %
45 %

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